5 Branding Podcasts You Should Subscribe To Now

Geoffrey ColonAugust 29, 20184 min

In 2004 when podcasting launched under what many consider “The First Wave” it barely made a blip. That’s because there was no way to get your message direct to listeners. They still had to find you. And when they did, they were anchored to their desktop computer for the listening experience. Then in 2005, podcasts could come to you in the form of software subscriptions to the audio. Still, they remained niche until the second wave came along in 2017 with the advent of iOS 11 making it easier to subscribe and listen without having to download a third party podcast feed application.

Now, in 2018, we’re in a third wave where it isn’t about when or where you listen, but what you listen to and why you listen to it. As brand marketers it is becoming more difficult to sort through the massive amount of content available about branding. Plus with Google announcing how podcasts will be indexed  in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), audio is no longer optional as a go to medium for understanding our world. As a result of the influence of podcasts, we created a list of what we think are the top 5 branding podcasts you should be listening and subscribing to now.

1. Behind the Numbers by eMarketer – This podcast, launched in 2016 by eMarketer is a freewheeling conversation about digital media and marketing, and how digital is transforming business—and even life. Episode examples: How Amazon’s grocery efforts are disrupting the industry and a discussion on how top social networks, like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram rank among different age groups so brands can use this information for their strategy.

2. Madison & Culture by Young & Rubicam. Hosted by David Sable – Media. Art. Advertising. Sports. Music. Film. The lines between commerce and culture are more fluid than ever before. Culture shapes advertising, advertising shapes culture and technology enables both. David Sable, Global CEO of iconic agency Y&R, talks to some of the liveliest, most eclectic individuals using creativity to connect with people. This is great for ideation when it comes to what creativity can do for a brand. Episode examples: Discussions with James Altucher, Shingy the Digital Prophet and Zeitguide’s Brad Grossman.

3. Adlandia by Laura Correnti and Alexa Christon – This is a bi-weekly podcast focused on the signals in the noise of the advertising/marketing/brand industry hosted by two of Madison Ave’s most disruptive female voices. If you want the ‘same old’ thinking overturned, this is an insightful listen. Each episode listeners will have a chance to meet some of the industry’s most inspiring talent and learn about the business models, ideas and obsessions they’re bringing to life. The show leaves listeners with new perspectives to bring back to the boardroom. A podcast dedicated to the renegades, the rule-breakers and brand industry-makers and shakers.

4. Brand Builder by SnackNation & ForceBrands – Hosted by Jordan Cohen and Jeff Murphy, this show brings you the people, stories and lessons learned from the most innovative brands in the world. Some very interesting brand case studies brought to life via unique audio storytelling. Episode samples: How the Best Brands are Using Consumer Insights to Win, How to Launch the Ultimate Influencer Strategy, How to Succeed in Chobani’s Highly Selective Incubator.

5. On Brand – This is a podcast from author and educator Nick Westergaard. It’s a perfect listen for brand builders, by brand builders. Each weekly episode features an in-depth interview with a branding thought leader or a practitioner from a notable brand. The conversations focus on the art and science of branding today while including actionable insights and tips that listeners can implement right away. They also publish a short 5-minute Social Sound Bite with the latest social media and digital marketing news, trends, and tips.

Disruptive FM Geoff Colon

And of course, if you have time and need a sixth podcast, you can always check out my weekly 15 minute audio guide at the intersection of brands, marketing, tech and popular culture, Disruptive FM, the Culture of Business. In it we digest three trending topics, do a special segment (What, C’mon! Geargasm! Everything Is a Remix. Do You Even Read, Bro?) and note three things we have On The Radar for bubbling brand stories we’re watching. It’s simple, fun, shareable and thought provoking. (Sponsored By Branding Strategy Insider)

Contributed to Branding Strategy Insider by: Geoffrey Colon, Head of Brand Studio, Microsoft, author of Disruptive Marketing and Host of Disruptive FM

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