Building Winning Brands – 15 Of 16

The Fifteenth most important thing to know about building winning brands is your brand must stand for something. Nike stands for “authentic athletic performance.” Ritz Carlton is all about “ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.” The Nature Conservancy intends to “save the last great places” on earth. Patagonia is committed to serving people who love the wild country and the outdoor adventures that it provides. If you aren’t convinced, visit their web site. What does your brand stand for?

In building its Gold Crown store brand, Hallmark created an advertising campaign that communicated that if a person shops Hallmark Gold Crown stores, you can be sure that he or she is nice. One such ad features employees conjecturing about a new boss who was rumored to be tough. People changed their minds about her when they saw her walking to her office with a Hallmark Gold Crown shopping bag. This is called “branding as a badge.” An even better example of this is Harley-Davidson owners who wear the company logo as a tattoo. Another example is farmers who wear Pioneer Hi-Bred International or International Harvester ball caps. Do your customers proudly don your company’s logo?

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