Strong Brands Require Vision

A brand is much more than a logo or an advertising campaign. It is the manifestation of an organizational vision. In my experience in working with organizations from Fortune 500 companies and Internet start-ups to universities and museums, the one ingredient that must be present for the organizational brand to be truly successful is a clearly articulated, strongly felt and universally embraced organizational mission and vision. And that usually requires strong leadership at the top, and to even greater effect, throughout the organization.

That mission and vision is often based on powerful intuition or a strongly held conviction. Frequently that intuition is informed by careful and detailed analysis.  Ideally, the mission and vision focus on a deep consumer need that the organization has unique abilities to meet. That mission and vision should be strongly encoded in the organization’s mission and vision statements and in the organizational brand’s stated essence, promise and personality.

The entire organization should be designed to deliver on that mission and vision. And, there should be mechanisms in place to reward behavior that promotes the mission and vision and averts behavior that sabotages them.

Yes, the business’ financial model must make sense. And yes, the organization must change over time to adapt to changes in the market.  But, the underlying sense of mission and vision must not falter.

We talk a lot about the nuts and bolts of various brand management sub-disciplines (e.g. brand research, brand positioning, brand identity standards and systems, and measuring and managing brand equity), but all of these must be focused on delivering against a well thought out and a widely and passionately held sense of organizational mission and vision. If they do, there will be no stopping you in your ascendancy within your market space.

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